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Here I will tell you about the swimming pool facilities of Eskisehir.

In Eskisehir, there are approximately 5 or 6 swimming pools. But the swimming pools generally need membership. So you need to stay in Eskisehir for at least 1 month to benefit from these pools.

If you are coming to Eskisehir for a few days, you can only use one pool. This pool is in Eskisehir Kentpark. But this is outdoor swimming pool. Not an indoor one. So you can use it only in summer. Also this pool has a artificial beach. It feels like you’re in the beach near the sea. 🙂 The only difference is that this one is artificial.

Now, I will explain you the best pool in Eskisehir ;


First of all I went to the swimming pools all around in Eskisehir. And I’m absolutely sure that the best pool is this one. Because it is the most clean and the most modern pool in Eskisehir. According to my opinion this pool carries all your requests

I can give you some information about the pool ;

The pool is a semi-olympic pool, so that means that the length of the pool is 25 metres. And have 6 lanes. It also has a small pool, like paddling pool. This low pool is for babies and non-swimming children and adults.

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For contact : (0222) 335 05 80

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Price :


FREE Personal (academic, administrative, worker) 1 month 60 tl
FREE Student 1 month 30 tl
FREE Non-institutional 1 month 110 tl
TEAM SWIMMERS Team 3 month 90 tl
TRAINING STAYLE USER TIME PRICE= Institutional – Non Institutional
EDUCATION Student education program 10 weeks 85 tl                                   –
EDUCATION Adults education program 10 weeks 180 tl                                280 tl
EDUCATION Child education program 10 weeks 180 tl                                280 tl
EDUCATION Child (disabled) 1 month 60 tl                                  60 tl

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