Esnaf Sarayı(Palace)

 Esnaf Sarayı(Palace) Shopping Mall, was established in 1973, Eskişehir. In fact, it is the first shopping mall of Eskişehir. The mall is located on Iki Eylul Street.

Esnaf sarayı will provide you services such as souvenir shops, pet shops, wedding dresses, clothing, food and technological devices. It will be beneficial to you in economical ways as well. You can rent things such as clothings, wedding dresses etc. This place includes an area for children too. Which means with its diverse services and sensible prices will make shopping easier for you.

Working Hours;
Monday: 9.00- 19.30
Tuesday: 9.00- 20.30
Wednesday: 9.00- 20.30
Thursday: 9.00- 20.30
Friday: 9.00- 20.30
Saturday: 9.00- 20.30
Sunday: 11.00- 19.30

İstiklal, İki Eylul Cad. No:24, 26010 Odunpazarı/Eskisehir

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