Hamam(Turkish Baths) in Eskisehir

Public bath(with a bed and a tub) costs 23 TL per one person . If you just want a bed that costs 18 TL. Maximum stay can last for 2 hours. This hamam has special services for disabled people too. Main source of this Hamam exists in 95 m deep. Additionaly, they have  Fin Hamamı(a hamam which has more steam) and a pool. Their services start at 5.30 and end at 22.00 . Most of their customers say that the hamam is really hygenic and compliment their great service.
This hamam which started serving in 1976 costs 12 TL for one person. If you desire a bed while you are staying that costs 18 TL. If you want a massage the price diverses around 40-50 TL. Has Hamam’s water which can reach to 46°C degrees comes from the mosque right before the hamam. This termal water is said to be beneficial for skin and bone diseases. The hamam is cleaned every evening and a general cleaning is done on Tuesdays. Additionaly, the otel that is tied to has hamam costs 75 TL for one person. Nearly most of the visitors are happy with their services.

 Esnaf Sarayı(Palace)

 Esnaf Sarayı(Palace) Shopping Mall, was established in 1973, Eskişehir. In fact, it is the first shopping mall of Eskişehir. The mall is located on Iki Eylul Street.

Esnaf sarayı will provide you services such as souvenir shops, pet shops, wedding dresses, clothing, food and technological devices. It will be beneficial to you in economical ways as well. You can rent things such as clothings, wedding dresses etc. This place includes an area for children too. Which means with its diverse services and sensible prices will make shopping easier for you.

Working Hours;
Monday: 9.00- 19.30
Tuesday: 9.00- 20.30
Wednesday: 9.00- 20.30
Thursday: 9.00- 20.30
Friday: 9.00- 20.30
Saturday: 9.00- 20.30
Sunday: 11.00- 19.30

İstiklal, İki Eylul Cad. No:24, 26010 Odunpazarı/Eskisehir

Neo Plus

Neo Plus is Eskişehir’s first Outlet and life center. It was established in 2007. Neo Plus’ name comes from “Why Not Eskişehir?” (Neden Eskişehir Olmasın?). Neo Plus holds different events once a month. It includes various activities aiming for kids and adults. It is not that close to city center but it has busses, minibusses and tramways passing nearby.

You can find everything you want in Neo Plus such as clothing, shoes, food, technology, dry cleaning, textile, optical accessories, personal hygiene, health, funlab for kids, go-kart and gymfit.

Neo Plus’ working hours;
10.00- 22.00

Gymfit’s working hours;
Monday: 9.00- 23.00
Tuesday: 9.00- 23.00
Wednesday: 9.00- 23.00
Thursday: 9.00- 23.00
Friday: 9.00- 23.00
Saturday: 10.00- 22.00
Sunday: 10.00- 22.00


Çamlıca Mah, Gülperi Sok, 26180 Tepebaşı/Eskişehir